Indoor & Food Handling Establishment-friendly Protection with CB-80

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“Aerosols are some of the most underappreciated tools for the pest management industry,” said Dr. Phil Koehler, Professor of Urban Entomology at the University of Florida.

Dr. Koehler, who has nearly 50 years of experience, advocates for PMPs to integrate pressurized aerosols into their full-service pest control programs.

Often labeled for both indoor and outdoor use, aerosols can control a wide range of crawling and flying insects. Some, such as CB-80®, a broad-spectrum, dual-spray action pyrenthrins aerosol by FMC, take it one step further and are also labeled for food handling establishments.

Broad Spectrum Makes for a Go-To Product

FMC’s innovative dual-spray action aerosols – featuring a fully integrated actuating system with a straw that easily switches between a spray and targeted stream – provide PMPs with an even easier-to-apply aerosol product that saves money, speeds up applications, and quickly knocks down pests.

In the case of CB-80, this means PMPs can quickly switch between broadcast sprays and crack & crevice treatments.

This flexibility comes in handy when treating numerous types of insects or infested locations during the same application. Since CB-80 is a flushing and contact aerosol, best results can be obtained by combining it with a residual aerosol (such as FMC’s D-Force® Insecticide) to act both as a ‘treatment line’ before flushing insects and also as an extended-control component of a treatment protocol.

Always read and follow label directions. Tips for controlling common pests:

  • Cockroaches: Place the dual-spray action straw in the down position and spray directly on cockroaches. Pay special attention to dark hiding places, such hidden surfaces, under sinks, and behind stoves and refrigerators. With the straw in the up position, spray directly into tiny cracks where cockroaches may take refuge.
  • Spiders and Silverfish: Frequently spray baseboards, windows, door frames, bookcases and storage areas. For best results, spray directly on insects.
  • Flying Insects (flies, mosquitoes, gnats): Close all doors and windows and, with the straw down, spray in a sweeping motion across the room.

Regardless of which insect is being treated, always schedule follow-up inspections and treatments.

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