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The Clear Choice for Superior Pest Control

Transport® Mikron™ insecticide combines performance with an exclusive advanced formulation. Non-repellent Transport Mikron provides fast-acting, long-lasting control of ants, flies, cockroaches, spiders and over 30 other pests, including pyrethroid-resistant insects. Transport Mikron is formulated with a combination of two active ingredients: bifenthrin, the same trusted active ingredient found in Talstar® insecticide, and acetamiprid, for enhanced speed of kill. This one-two punch delivers fast control and enduring residual protection to even your toughest pest control accounts.

Smaller Particles Make a Huge Difference

The exclusive microemulsion formulation of Transport Mikron features a particle size that is 100 times smaller than other emulsifiable products and thousands of times smaller than microencapsulated products, for multiple application advantages.