PT® P.I.® Pressurized Contact Insecticide

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Ideal product for quick knockdown, kill and flushing for heavy pest infestations

PT P.I. Pressurized Contact Insecticide is all about performance. There are many contact pressurized products on the market, but all are not created equal. PT P.I. insecticide is formulated to be very fast acting. It has an 8 to 1 synergist ratio which means when an insect is knocked down quickly and it stays down! When PT P.I. insecticide is applied, what comes out of the can is very small, low density droplets which disperse readily into the air, and stay suspended in the air longer than larger, denser droplets. This helps to increase the speed to kill of flying insects during space treatments. It also helps the product to travel deep into voids when used as a flushing agent for cockroaches or other pests that tend to hide in deep harborages. PT P.I. insecticide is the recommended choice for commercial accounts due to its flexible label; it’s high loading of active ingredients; and formulation which was designed with the tough commercial kitchen environment in mind.

PT P.I. insecticide is System III compatible, which supports greater efficiency in the way select pressurized products are used to ensure proper application and reduce product volume used, while projecting a professional image.

Always read and follow label directions.

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