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Get seamless control of overwintering pests

While heavy pest pressure may fade with the summer months, a new population of insects can crawl into customers’ homes during the fall, seeking shelter to ride out the winter months. Pests like spiders, beetles and stink bugs can bother customers by becoming a nuisance or producing foul odors inside their homes.

Controlling these pests includes conducting a thorough inspection and making exclusion efforts. Seal utility penetrations and repair damaged window screens, door screens and soffit vents. To prevent entry, make sure all exterior doors have proper sweeps and thresholds, including the garage door.

A timely, residual insecticide application should be directed primarily at areas where these pests live or rest, including:

  • Corners of windows, closets or rooms
  • Corners, floor/wall junctures and sill plate/header areas of unfinished basements and crawlspaces
  • Attached garages, especially ceiling-wall junctures above the overhead garage door
  • Structural components, flooring and attics

Specific tactics for spider control

Spiders don’t destroy structures, create allergens or transmit diseases, but homeowners often still want them eliminated by a Pest Management Professional (PMP). To effectively control spiders as temperatures get cooler, consider an integrated pest management approach that includes the following:

  • Monitoring spider activity with sticky traps
  • Using a vacuum to remove spiders and their webs from harborages
  • Using sodium vapor lights or yellow lights to reduce harborages for spiders and their insect prey

Microencapsulated pyrethroid insecticides have demonstrated excellent efficacy against spiders. Polymer microcaps have an affinity for spiders’ exoskeletons, making them effective at controlling spiders as they cross treated surfaces. Tandem® insecticide from Syngenta features iCAP™ technology, which contains microcaps of multiple sizes that release over time to provide immediate and residual control for up to three months. Tandem is also available in a 2-quart bottle, which can provide cost-savings for PMPs that service large-volume accounts, and is part of the protocol for the SecureChoice Spider Assurance Program, which provides guaranteed control of these pests.

Don’t let overwintering pests or spiders keep your customers from living comfortably. For more information, visit

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