A Stealth Approach to Insect Control

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PT® Phantom® II pressurized insecticide, for control pests can’t detect

The most effective pesticide is the one pests can’t detect. PT Phantom II pressurized insecticide from BASF is undetectable to cockroaches, ants, and bed bugs. As these pests go about their routine activities, they come into contact with this stealth insecticide, which is effective even in some of the toughest commercial kitchen environments.

As a result of its non-repellent active ingredient, pests won’t avoid treatment deposits or disperse into hard-to-reach areas following treatment. And, since this insecticide doesn’t disrupt cockroach feeding behavior, it complements cockroach baiting programs, helping to manage the development of bait averse and chemically resistant cockroach strains.

PT Phantom II pressurized insecticide is a special formulation that dries in crystalline deposits, which enhance its bioavailability. It has proven to be effective and reliable even in environments like commercial kitchens with high heat and greasy conditions. It’s also resistant to degradation from moisture and high pH conditions from cleaning products.

Chlorfenapyr, the active ingredient in PT Phantom II pressurized insecticide, is a high-performance resistance buster. This pro-insecticide is converted to its active form inside the insect. With its novel mode of action, it’s less likely for chlorfenapyr resistance to develop, which makes this insecticide extremely useful for control of cockroach and bed bug strains that are resistant to commonly used products.

To find out more, visit pestcontrol.basf.us or contact your local BASF sales representative.