Customer Spotlight

Embracing Change

Brian Sietz - Seitz Brothers - Tamaqua, PA

Brian Seitz understands that change is uncomfortable.

Brian Seitz understands that change is uncomfortable.

“When you’ve been doing pest control so long, jumping into a new venture is always a scary process,” he admits. “I’ve seen companies get stuck in their ways because they don’t like change. But we’re all for new technology and new services — if it makes sense, we chase after it.”

Seitz is president of Seitz Brothers, which his parents founded in 1975. He still follows his father’s credo to treat customers well, one at a time. It’s helped build a loyal circle of customers who’ve stuck with the company for over 40 years, as well as longtime technicians who’ve delayed retirement because they enjoy the job so much.

What has changed are the service offerings. Over the years, Seitz has boldly expanded the business to keep up with the latest trends and technologies — and more importantly, his customers’ needs.

The result? A successful range of add-on services including mold cleanup, crawlspace encapsulation, bed bug heat treatments, and increased commercial work. Seitz says each offering was born out of practicality.

For example, many of his customers’ homes in Northeastern Pennsylvania were built on crawlspaces with exposed dirt and stone — perfect conditions for mold and pest entry. Offering cleanup and encapsulation seemed like a logical next step. Seitz discussed the idea with his management team, then turned to Univar to get the dehumidifiers he needed.

“When we look at a new opportunity,” Seitz says, “we research the heck out of it, do our due diligence, make sure it makes sense in our territory — and if the numbers add up, we jump into it 100 percent.”

Ultimately, these new services have allowed Seitz to further realize his parents’ original vision: to provide customers with meaningful, personal care.

“You’re already doing business with these people,” Seitz says. “They have a problem, and they trust you. And our job is to educate them, and to help them. There’s nothing more satisfying at the end of the day.”