Customer Spotlight

Putting Service Before Sales

Bill Bennett – Bill’s Home Service Company – Green Valley, AZ

Bill Bennett likes to tell employees that pest control shouldn’t be their first priority.

Bill Bennett likes to tell employees that pest control shouldn’t be their first priority.

“We tell people when they start here, ‘We can teach you to take care of pests, but what we need is good people,’” Bennett says. “‘If you’re a good person, and you want to take care of people, this is the right spot for you.’”

Bennett is operations manager at Bill’s Home Service Company, an Arizona-based business founded by his grandfather in 1964. Bennett, his father, and his brother work together to continue the company’s legacy of putting people first.

It can be as simple as offering to change out a light bulb for a customer. Recently, one of Bennett’s technicians thought he smelled gas in a customers’ home. He helped reach out to the gas company to handle what turned out to be a gas leak.

“The emphasis is to really serve our customers,” Bennett says. “Our biggest source of new business comes from referrals, so we don’t push selling services or setups.”

It’s the same person-first approach Bennett uses with his technicians — “We try to empower them to make the right choices in the field,” he says — as well as with service offerings.

When the company decided to branch out into weed control, Bennett worked closely with his longtime collaborators at the Tucson ProCenter location. They sat down together to find the right products and knowledge to grow business.

And business is good. The company’s attention to relationships has paid off. Bennett’s in the rare position where 9 out of 10 customer calls he receives are compliments, rather than complaints.

“Sometimes you get used to it,” Bennett says, “but every now and then you take a step back and remember — people don’t usually call to say their service was amazing. It’s been a blessing.”