Customer Spotlight

The Power of Persistence

Tom Fraser – Professional Pest Control – Madison, WI

Tom Fraser knows a thing or two about working his way up from the bottom.

Tom Fraser knows a thing or two about working his way up from the bottom.

His path to pest control actually began at a restaurant, Riesen’s Rendezvous, where he’d started as a dishwasher. By the time he’d worked his way up to head chef, the restaurant was scheduled to close — permanently. Then Fraser heard that one of his regulars, Dick Freye, was scouting talent for Professional Pest Control. There was just one problem: it was winter, and Freye wasn’t hiring.

“He was looking to add a technician come spring,” Fraser recalls. “I basically had to badger him into hiring me during the winter months.”

Almost 30 years later, Fraser still works at PPC, but now he’s the company’s owner and president. He has taken charge of continuing the service-driven legacy Dick Freye began in 1968, then passed on to his son Rick in 2007. Rick Freye sold the company to Fraser earlier this year, staying on board as a consultant.

Having previously worked as PPC’s technician, service manager, and general manager, Fraser ensures that the Freyes’ focus on customer satisfaction lives on in every aspect of business. He treats technicians like family, and in turn, they go out of their way to take out customers’ garbage, refill water softeners, and replace furnace filters.

The Freyes also inspired Fraser to contribute to the larger pest control community. Fraser worked his way up the ranks to become president of the Wisconsin Pest Control Association and the state’s Policy Affairs Representative to the National Pest Management Association. He helps provide local PMPs with ongoing training and a voice on issues like pollinator plans and monarch butterfly protection.

Along with PPC’s commitment to its customers and its longstanding partnership with Univar, it’s Fraser’s way of pushing the business forward while paying homage to the Freyes’ legacy. The secret to his progress? Fraser says it’s simple.

“Keep plugging away,” Fraser says. “Just do the best you can. Keep committed to the company’s mission, and strive for greatness.”