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ProTraining Celebrates its 33rd State

Getting high-quality training just got a bit easier

Michigan approves platform’s CEU accreditation.

ProTraining recently added its 33rd state where ProTraining users can take online technical courses for CEU credit. The occasion marks Univar’s commitment to providing engaging, up-to-date training for customers across the country.

Managers and PMPs in Michigan can now join hundreds of ProTraining users who learn about core topics and receive accreditation through the online platform. ProTraining allows users to access the latest technical courses by phone, tablet, or computer. Managers can also assign specific classes to specific employees.

Univar streamlines accreditation in Michigan and other states by maintaining relationships with accrediting agencies and meeting changing requirements for time length, content, testing protocols, and certificates. Upon course completion, ProTraining submits verification to the state on behalf of students.

Michigan now allows local users to earn CEU credits for 15 classes. Topics range from filth flies and ants to sulfuryl fluoride and pesticide labels.

The expansion is the latest in Univar’s mission to continually improve ProTraining for all its customers, growing across the country into Michigan and beyond.